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TurboCAD Windows Tech Support

TurboCAD Windows includes TurboCAD Pro Platinum, TurboCAD Pro, TurboCAD Deluxe, and TurboCAD Designer. TurboCAD LTE customers click here. We offer free assistance troubleshooting unexpected software errors or behavior to owners of version 21, 20, 19, or 18. For help with “how to” questions, please see the Learn to Use TurboCAD Windows section below.

Why aren’t older versions supported?
The system requirements for older software are out of date, so the working environment cannot be duplicated by our technical support team. In most cases, issues are resolved by upgrading, and you are strongly encouraged to do so. Visit our upgrade center for special pricing

Installation & Activation Help
- See TurboCAD Support Home for direction.

Updates and Patches

- TurboCAD versions 20 and above will automatically download the latest updates through the software. If you are having trouble with the auto update, please report to For earlier version updates, follow the links below. 

RedSDK list of supported Video Cards and Drivers:


Email and Telephone Technical Support 

Our dedicated staff are available to assist you, but before contacting us, please be prepared to provide:Your product name, version number, and operating system description of the problem including any error message you might be receiving. Any other information that might help us diagnose the problem

Call 1.800.833.80821.800.833.8082  (Press 3) or 1.415.483.80001.415.483.8000 (Press 3), Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm Pacific Time. 

If lines are busy, we recommend that you email We will respond during business hours. Remember that telephone and email support is to help troubleshoot unexpected software errors or behavior. Please refer to the next section for software training.

Personalized Online TurboCAD training - $75/hr

IMSI/Design offers online, training for only $75 per hour. Our training sessions are done in a one-to-one meeting format, where we talk on the phone and share computers screens. Training is done via a combination of WebEx and either telephone or Skype. By utilizing WebEx, we can perform a live demonstration of TurboCAD from our site that you observe, or allow us to run the installed TurboCAD on your computer. Training is offered for the following Windows editions of TurboCAD: Designer, Deluxe, Pro, Pro Platinum, LTE, and LTE Pro.

Training for New and Experienced TurboCAD Users

New Users

- Typically, new users have a hard time getting started because they get overwhelmed by the many options in the program and struggle to learn basic functionality. Our introductory training session is designed to help you get over these initial hurdles.

In addition, by taking control of your desktop, we can ensure that your TurboCAD software has been correctly installed and that you get all the features that you have already paid for. We can see your TurboCAD drawings and suggest possible improvements and time-saving tips to achieve your specific goals. The session can be recorded for your own personal use to review later.

Experienced Users

- More experienced TurboCAD users can also use our training to learn and become more proficient with more advanced and sophisticated drafting, modeling and design tools. Topics include 3D surface and solid modeling, 2D Constraints, Rendering and Lighting, and architectural design.

To get started, call toll-free on



x-8027 or email us at:

. Be sure to ask us about the product premiums we offer for multi-hour training purchases. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

TurboCAD Community Forum


- Reach out to the vast community of TurboCAD users and our development team online through the community forums. Search topics to find answers to questions, or post questions for help.


Learn to Use TurboCAD Windows

Personal Training Courses

- A wide variety of self training is available to TurboCAD users with subject matter from general CAD design to topics specific to your professional field.

Visit our Training Page to learn more

Getting Started Guide Videos

- Review the Getting Started Guide to help you learn the basics of TurboCAD Windows.

Getting Started Videos

User Guide / Reference Manual

Along with other leading software companies, IMSI/Design is contributing to the green effort. User guide documentation for most products, including physical products, is now delivered in electronic .PDF format, making topics easily searchable. To access it, simply go to the TurboCAD Help menu, and click on ‘Reference Manual.

Purchase a TurboCAD 21 Reference Manual

Sample Files

The samples are located in the drawings folder which comes up by default when you first launch TurboCAD.

Online Documentation

Review our online wiki help system, updated regularly, so you always have the latest info.

TurboCAD Community Forums

Reach out to the vast community of TurboCAD users and our development team online through the community forums. Share your designs, chat, search topics to find answers to questions, or post questions for help. New features can also be requested, giving you a voice to development priorities. Join

YouTube is a helpful source for learning. In addition to the IMSI/Design channel on YouTube (, many customers have posted helpful demonstrations and training videos.

Facebook is home to the TurboCAD fan page ( Growing in popularity, this site posts the latest news from the company, including new product announcements, product updates, and exclusive discounts.

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