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Animation Lab V5
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Animation Lab V5

Key Features

Animate your TurboCAD Designs

AnimationLab give you powerful animation functionality, including:

Simple, single click animation (see below)
High-end animation features of the Key Frame Editor
Movie making functionality of the Montage Center
Powerful Drawing Management with the File Palette and Seamless TurboCAD Integration

Single Click Animation

An expandable set of preset animation scenarios allows you to create an animation movie of your drawing with a single mouse click. Simply select the Preset Scenario, and AnimationLab will load the scenario, start the specified type of rendering, play the scenario for your drawing and create the movie file. Preset scenarios are included:


  • Look Around
  • Orbit Horizontal
  • Orbit Vertical
  • Panorama
  • Slide Horizontal
  • Slide Vertical
When this capability is used in Batch Operations mode, it provides the possibility to create animated albums for file libraries of all formats supported by TurboCAD.

GIF Frames and Movies

Animation frames can be saved in GIF, BMP and JPEG formats. The resultant movie can be either in AVI or in Animated GIF format. Support is also provided for such options as palette optimization, user defined colors count, dithering and transparency.

See the Key Frames Editor for Advanced Operations

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