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Animation Lab V5

Key Frames Editor

Graphical Key Frames Editor

The Key Frames Editor allows you to quickly create animations by “filling in the blanks” between the Key Frames you define. It does this by first storing the graphic properties (color, thickness, etc.), rotations, movements and scaling of actors. The Key Frame Editor then calculates commands for intermediate frames on the basis of the specified key frames.

In the "Law of Changing" dialog, you can select one of the preset interpolation laws (for example, acceleration or deceleration), or define your own law using the field for graphic curve editing. This provides the means to smooth the trajectory, control speed and acceleration within each step, make additional movements (e.g. oscillation).

Constrained Objects Support

If "Nodes Coordinates" checkbox in the "Changing Parameters" page is checked, the actors will take existing constraints into account when each of the frames is calculated. This makes it possible to create animations of cinematic schemes or Compound Profiles of 3D objects.

By using "SetVariable" command it is also possible to change numeric values of Constraint Manager Variables, the list of which can be found in the Calculator Palette.

Part Tree Support

If an actor was used as an operand in the Part Tree, then when this actor is changed the Part Tree will recalculate the resultant body, taking changes into account.

For example, if an actor is a part of a Compound Profile, on which an Extrusion was created, and then the edges were smoothed using Blend command, then if that actor is changed, the Compound Profile will be recalculated taking existing constraints into consideration, an Extrusion will automatically be built on the new profile, and edges will be blended.

Mix with Sound

You can assign a soundtrack for each actor. AnimationLab will calculate the sound scene, taking into account the distance to the actors, speed of their movement, and environment. Both mono- and stereo soundtracks can be calculated.

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