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CAD Fundamentals: 2D/3D Training CD Bundle for TurboCAD
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CAD Fundamentals 2D/3D

CAD Fundamentals 2D/3D Training Bundle

Developed by renowned Australian CAD teacher, Ken Doyle, the CAD Fundamentals 2D/3D Training Bundle is a comprehensive training course for users of TurboCAD Deluxe and Pro. Step-by-step, easy to follow video tutorials take you from the basics of setting up a 2D drawing to using advanced 3D tools. This self paced course can help you master 2D and 3D CAD drawing quickly and easily, providing all the tools you need to become proficient in TurboCAD.

2D Training for TurboCAD

This CD-based training course teaches 2D drafting and design essentials in TurboCAD, including 2D drawing tools, creation of Drawing Templates, and use of Symbol Libraries.

  • Master TurboCAD 2D Drawing and Drafting with over 5 hours of audio-video material
  • Over 180 easy to use, step-by-step video lessons build skills as the user needs them. 
  • Start with Learning the Basic Set-up
  • Learn Hands-on with a Comprehensive Set of 2D Drawing Exercises 
  • Create Drawing Templates, Layers and More 
  • Learn to Use Symbols and Symbol Libraries
  • See how to set up and work with a Customized Layout 
  • Additional Features including a study organizer, image gallery, and links to internet resources Help You Learn 
  • This course is ideal for the inexperienced to intermediate CAD user

3D Training for TurboCAD

This comprehensive training course teaches on 3D CAD drawing, with an emphasis on mechanical design. From navigating the user interface to advanced 3D tools, you’ll learn what’s needed to successfully design in 3D.

  • Master 3D drawing with more than 220 in-depth lesson
  • Over 11 hours of video tutorials
  • Covers 3D basics – 3D modeling, Workplanes, 3D Objects, Boolean Facet, 3D Modify, 3D Scene, Standard Views and Render Modes
  • Teaches essential 3D tools – Creating & Exploding Groups, Extruding Items, Fillet Edges, Sliding & Rotating Objects, Assigning Materials to Objects and Assembly of 3D Parts
  • Watch video tutorials, practice using TurboCAD and review the exercises as many times as you like
  • Course notes reinforce the video lessons for each section
  • Study guides allow you to track your progress and navigate through the exercises easily
  • This course is ideal for the intermediate CAD user who has completed the 2D Training for TurboCAD

System Requirements

TurboCAD Deluxe or Pro, Windows® XP & Vista, Win7 & Win 8. Pentium IV Processor or higher. 512MB RAM. 300MB free hard disk space. 1024 x 768 resolution. High color (16 bit) graphics card. Sound card and speakers. DVD-ROM drive.

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