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CADCourse Essentials Bundle
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CADCourse Essentials Training Bundle for TurboCAD

Get all the very best training movies that were produced by TurboCAD veteran, Robert Berry of
  • CADCourse Essentials 2D
  • CADCourse Essentials 3D
  • Essential Printing Techniques
  • Woodworking with Geoff Malthouse
  • CADCourse Space Station
  • CADCourse Best of Live Online Training
  • CADCourse 3D Mag Wheel
  • Essential TurboCADCAM Movies v3
  • CADCourse Architectural 
  • FloorPlan 3D v11 Essentials
  • AutoCAD vs. TurboCAD Training Movies
  • DoubleCAD XT Training Movies
  • TurboCAD 2D Competence Test

Over a dozen training programs and examinations are included with tutorials that range from the basic essentials to printing with PDF and more! Architectural, Mechanical and Woodworking tutorials are presented in both 2D and 3D. Compatibility issues with AutoCAD and DoubleCAD XT are also discussed.

It’s the most affordable way to get all the information you need to become a TurboCAD expert.

10 Years of TurboCAD Training

This full set of training was produced over 10 years (2002 – 2012). Users will see varying interfaces, from TurboCAD version 11 through version 17, but the tools and methods demonstrated are still completely applicable to today’s TurboCAD software. To help users adjust, an installation procedure is outlined so you will be able to follow along in the movies and see a similar interface in your program no matter regardless of your TurboCAD version. Once you've loaded the interface you will have at the very least the most tools available in that particular program.

CADCourse Essentials 2D discusses the basic functionality of TurboCAD by examining each of the tool groups in turn i.e. Lines, Arcs, Text, Dimensions, Modification tools, Copying and Selecting entities.

The contents of the movies are easily searchable by using the browser's search facility. This way you can easily find the movie specifically pertaining to the topic that you need help on.
  • Part One discusses the line tools ranging from construction lines through to double and multi-lines. Important snap and selection concepts are also covered in this section.
  • Part Two discusses Advanced Lines and Arcs by using construction circles, full circles, arcs or ellipses. It also reviews how to use Bezier and Spline curves in combination with the node edit tool.
  • Part Three demonstrates how to dimension accurately to represent the precision of the drawing. Discuss the measurement features as well as the recommended dimension settings. Its also shows users how to use the single-line and multi-line text features.
  • Part Four covers the Modify and Copy Tools and learn how we can use these tools to save us a good deal of time by exploiting the concept of symmetry.

CADCourse Essentials 3D
discusses how you can create 2D profiles and expand them into the third dimension. You will learn vital concepts of creating 3-D primitives as well as revolving, extruding, and shelling. You also learn how to render your drawing to create visually exciting 3-D images.

Essentials Printing Tools and Techniques
teaches TurboCAD users how to correctly scale a drawing to print on any sized paper. If you don't have a large-format printer the Solid PDF Creator program (included) lets you create an accurate PDF file to take to the local print shop. Important concepts such as layers, dimensions, model space, paper space, and viewports are discussed at length.

Woodworking with Geoff Malthouse shows methods to correctly render wood grain onto your 3-D part in TurboCAD to match the piece in real life. The training then discusses in detail how to create 3-D part in preparation for cutting the 2-D parts either by hand or on a CNC machine.

CADCourse Space Station makes use of NASA's International Space Station plans which users learn to redraw in TurboCAD. These movies come with a full drawing of the Space Station in TurboCAD format. Learn how to trace a bitmap in order to create 2-D profiles in preparation for 3-D modeling, and how to use layers to assist the redraw procedure.

CADCourse Best of Live Online Training features recorded online sessions with real-life customers as they describe their needs, while the trainer suggests the best method as how to achieve these goals in TurboCAD.

CADCourse 3D Mag Wheel
describes how to create the 2-D profiles to revolve into 3-D. Boolean operations and realistic material rendering are used to finish the part.

Essential TurboCADCAM Movies v3 cover the basic concepts involved with TurboCADCAM add-on product for TurboCAD (Now titled CAM Plug-in for TurboCAD Pro). A part is constructed in 3D and cutting paths are assigned so that g-code can be created.

CADCourse Architectural Training Movies show how to create both 2D and 3D architectural drawings using TurboCAD. A variety of methods are illustrated using both primitive double line tools that can be found in TurboCAD Designer and the advanced architectural tools in TurboCAD Professional. Also illustrated is how to use TurboCAD in conjunction with the FloorPlan 3D product. (FloorPlan 3D is no longer available from IMSI.)

FloorPlan 3D v11 Essentials
describes how to create a two story house in the FloorPLAN 3D product and how to import the model for TurboCAD via the FloorPLAN Print Space Maker. (FloorPlan 3D is no longer available from IMSI.)

AutoCAD vs. TurboCAD Training Movies discuss the differences between AutoCAD and TurboCAD. Different file formats for transferring the drawing from one program to the other are discussed at length. These movies also compare important feature-for-feature functionality to help you quickly crossover from one program to the other.

TurboCAD 2D Competence Test
is a set of 20 drawings with multiple choice questions related to elements in the drawing.

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